Redefining Payment
The Way It Should Be

Think again, since the beginning of civilization, we either pay by exchanging goods, using gold, banknotes, or electronic payment which emerges today. However, we still depend on bringing something to make payments, whether it’s card or smartphone. What if we can do better?

Our Brief Story

Think Outside Your Wallet

A proverb says that children must be better than their parents. It sounds logical but do we really embody that principle?

Let's start asking questions: Why do we use the same payment method as our grandfather's era? Why limit ourselves with what’s already there, i.e. cash, card, and QR?

Equipped with a powerful cognitive capacity, we actually have the opportunity to wield the marvel of existing technology to significantly improve these legacy payment systems.

Our Vision

To Weave a New Digital Payment Web that Enrich Human's Life

Look closer, can you really be alive without making transactions? Human has evolved until a point where the definition of being alive are tied to social activities. We aim to improve life by targeting the most essential substance in human civilization, and that's payment.

Our Mission

Transforming Transaction Experience Through Cutting-Edge Technology.

TEXO.ID motivation #1

Convert Indonesia into a true cashless society

TEXO.ID motivation #2

Provide a highly-secured and reliable payment system

TEXO.ID motivation #3

Cultivate the best to all of our associates & customers

TEXO.ID motivation #4

Harness the marvel of technology through passion, persistence, and creativity

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